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Fully customized home meal service 

  • Meal planning & nutrition consultation
  • Grocery shopping
  • 24/7 reachability
  • 100% match to any diet structure (e.g. keto, vegan, paleo, Mediterranean)
  • Delivery included
Prepared meal packages for local pick-up in Manor, TX
  • Rotating menus
  • Cost effective & nutritious
  • Vegetarian options
  • Takeout / drop-off options
Our customers feel love and care in every bite!


Based on 6 reviews
Rose Chin
Rose Chin
Love the food that Amarilis makes and her commitment to healthy and organic sources for food. Everything tastes fresh and delicious and she keeps picky eaters in mind too with her menus. Thank you for helping our busy family!!
Billceidy Anderson
Billceidy Anderson
Mi mejor experiencia con los alimentos cocinados por Amarilis Healthy Chef, como hispana puedo comentar que aparte de la higiene que tiene, no se van a arrepentir con el rico sazón. 100% recomendada.
Roni Gendler Saad
Roni Gendler Saad
Amarilis brings all the five senses to life with her culinary creations. The beautiful, vibrant colors and textures of the food burst with delicious flavors and health in each bite. Amarilis is truly an artist. We have truly enjoyed a variety of international cuisines as well as special requests and family recipes and Amarilis is capable of preparing it all. We feel she especially shines in preparing Italian food. We have found ourselves scraping the bottom of the bowl for more pesto and bolognese pasta. Furthermore, her warm personality adds another rich layer to the experience, as Amarilis brings a positive energy and joy to the home. Thank you Amarilis!
Bobby Bob
Bobby Bob
Riquísima y lo más importante saludable, 100% recomendada.
Mayi Martínez
Mayi Martínez
Recomendada, super rico y saludable 👍👍👍
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Daily healthy, fresh, and delicious food without the hassle of cooking!

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Do you need help in changing your food habits? Do you have to meet specific nutritional requirements given by your doctor? We can help you create a perfect menu that fits your needs, tastes, and special requirements given by your medical team.

We can create an experience full of color, flavor, and nutrition. Make your appointment today, and together we can start meeting your nutritional needs while still enjoying food at its maximum!

Our Delicious Protein Options (Vegan And Non-Vegan)

Custom Food

We customize dishes to your preferences.


Delivery and Pick-Up.

Healthy Daily Food

We deliver daily fresh dishes tailored to your needs

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Are certified organic

About Us

Vegan Menu-Paleo & Mediterranean

We present you our menu. We have created it based on tasting experience with clients, friends, and other people who are passionate about eating high quality food and at the same time taking care of their health.

Many of these recipes are currently part of the menu of our recurring clients with health conditions in the “Personal Chef at Home” service.

Here we present the most popular food modalities, but you can choose options from each group and make your creations.

Regardless of what you choose, you will receive tasty, nutritious, restaurant-quality dishes made at home with love and passion.
Our Chef


I am passionate about healthy eating, and have been working in the health industry for 20 years! In 2013, I decided to become a Community Health Worker to be able to share in a more personalized way my experience within the industry and my own experience as a mother and woman who wants to be healthy, energetic, and happy for many years.
Best Experience

Keto Menu

In none of our plates do we use wheat or corn flour; all of our dishes are gluten free.
We use almond, coconut, cassava, rice, and lentils flour. In substitution of sugar we use stevia, agave nectar and coconut sugar. For the dairy-free vegan recipes or for those who have intolerance to dairy, we use almond cheese and tofu in substitution, also in substitution of cow’s milk we use almond, coconut, walnuts, and oat milk.

In the personal chef at home services you receive help and guidance to find out which menu would best suit your age, routine, gender, and health conditions.

We also offer catering services, and are there to help for your big and small celebrations, weddings, engagement ceremonies, etc.

Meals on these special occasions are inspired by you and we believe that you and your guests should not have the need to refrain from eating anything that is served in your celebrations.

Custom Nutrition

If you have any condition that requires a specific diet, you can't eat certain ingredients, or you are vegan or vegetarian, we can prepare your very own personalized menu, entirely tailored to your preferences!

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Get a quote now for a meal plan tailored to your needs. We will be happy to advise you on your best options!


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Daily healthy, fresh, and delicious food without the hassle of cooking, get a quote now!